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eRate Newsletter | June 15, 2021


A Look at the New CASE Global Reporting Standards

The Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) has released its “Global Reporting Standards, 1st Edition.” The vision for the Standards is audacious, “the first truly worldwide standards for advancement in education.” True to its title, among the book’s 350+ pages are six chapters providing specific guidance for counting charitable gifts in different countries around the globe.

Although the primary focus is to articulate standards for counting and recognition of all types of charitable contributions in order to allow comparisons among educational institutions worldwide, the Standards also cover a broad range of issues beyond counting and recognition. There are extensive sections on ethics and standards of practice for advancement professionals as well as guidance for navigating issues involving donor control and the moral thickets that can arise when a donor’s nefarious past comes to light.

Even if your organization is not involved in the education sector, it behooves you to be familiar with the CASE Standards.




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Quick Tip: The Most Common PIF Question Nowadays

Pooled Income Funds (PIFs) were once a staple of planned giving programs, but they have lost much of their appeal over the past 15 or 20 years. The one PIF-related inquiry we do tend to receive nowadays is the question of how to compute the value of a voluntary termination. PG Calc’s gift-planning software allows for the calculation of the potential charitable income tax deduction.

But before the gift planning professional can begin the process of calculating the charitable deduction, the trustee or tax accountant needs to compute the “Pooled Income Fund Annual Rate of Return” for each of the past three calendar years. The IRS is fairly particular about how that rate of return is computed. The formula is provided in the Help system of both Planned Giving Manager and PGM Anywhere, and is essentially a modified income yield computation:

PIF Yearly rate of return = total income / (average valuation – adjusted income)

Please note that the details of how to calculate the adjusted income are also found in the Help section of each application. Once the gift planner has the highest PIF return of the past 3 calendar years, the value of the terminating interest can be calculated by using the “Non-Charitable Interest Actuarials” chart.

Please contact Client Services at 888-474-2252 or if you have any questions.



Proposed Tax Change Details


From the PG Calc Blog: Biden Administration Releases Details on Proposed Taxation of Split-Interest Trusts

On May 28, the Biden Administration released a general explanation of its revenue proposals for Fiscal Year 2022. The so-called “Green Book” provides more detail on these proposals than had been available previously. Of special interest to gift planners, the document describes the Administration’s proposed changes to the taxation of capital gain when assets are transferred during life and at death, including to split-interest trusts. Until now, there was no detail on how transfers to charitable remainder trusts and other split-interest gifts would be treated.


Also From the Blog: Which CRUT Shall It Be?

The charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) comes in five flavors, each of which can be useful in certain donor situations. The donor’s goals should dictate which of the five will work best for them.



No Change Yet in NY Maximum Rate Methodology

As reported previously, the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) has been working with regulators and legislators in New York State to revise a New York insurance statute so that the maximum annuity rates allowed in New York are no longer lower than the ACGA’s suggested maximum annuity rates at some ages. Unfortunately, the proposed change was not considered by the New York State legislature before its session ended on June 10. This means the current statute likely will remain in place until at least January 2022, the start of the next New York legislative session, although the proposed change could become law sooner in the event of a special session. While New York resets its maximum annuity rates quarterly, we expect those rates to continue to be lower than the ACGA’s suggested maximum annuity rates at many annuitant ages while the current statute remains in force.

See our Knowledge Base article for more information on this issue and what we know and don’t know about complying with New York’s maximum rates.




Compliance Reporting: Now Is the Time

For many charitable organizations, June 30 is the end of the fiscal year, which means pulling together a lot of financial information and preparing extensive annual reports. Charities that have life income gift programs need to recalculate the estimated liability for all gift annuities, pooled income funds, and charitable remainder trusts. In addition, specifically for the charitable gift annuity program, many organizations will need to calculate required reserve amounts and submit detailed reports to one or more states.

Organizations that use GiftWrap, PG Calc’s planned gift administration software, can run FASB liability and state reserve reports in just a few simple steps. In other cases, financial institutions providing administration services can produce the necessary reports. In fact, many for-profit vendors use PG Calc’s GiftWrap in conjunction with their gift administration services.

For organizations that do not have GiftWrap and are not able to obtain the reports through a third-party administrator, PG Calc offers a robust Compliance Reporting Service. For a modest fee, PG Calc can gather the necessary information and run the liability and reserve reports for the charity. We do the heavy lifting for you!

State reserve reports are governed by explicit state requirements, which are programmed into GiftWrap. With FASB liabilities, however, the reports generally should be based on how the reports were run for the previous year, but the choice of mortality table and the assumed annual interest rate may be up for review. PG Calc’s client advisors can work with your charity to determine the mortality table and interest rate assumption most appropriate for its particular set of circumstances.

If you are interested in learning more about our Compliance Reporting Service, please call us at 888-474-2252, or send an email to

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CGP National Conference: Virtual and In-Person This Fall

As you may have seen, this year's CGP National Conference is offering a Virtual Experience online September 20-24, as well as an In-Person Experience in Orlando October 4-6. We've missed seeing you all so much that PG Calc is planning on going to both. See you this fall!

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