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eRate Newsletter | June 19, 2017


Funding CGAs with Mutual Funds (What Is the Problem?)

Many Americans have extensive holdings of mutual funds representing significant portions of their investments, and a majority of individuals invest exclusively in mutual funds. This makes sense – mutual funds are easy to purchase, simple to understand, and they allow for continual reinvestment of income over the long run. As planned giving donors review their financial assets and determine which ones to use as the funding for charitable gift annuities, mutual funds present an obvious choice. But gift planners should be aware of some particular aspects of mutual funds that can cause significant complications in the process.




Planned Giving Marketing for Starting/Restarting a Program

Presented by
Andrew Palmer

June 29
1:00 - 2.30 pm ET



Lead Trust School

June 21 Cambridge, MA

Planned Giving by the Numbers

June 22 Cambridge, MA

Planned Giving Manager

July 17-18 Seattle, WA
August 8-9 Boston, MA


August 16-17 Cambridge, MA


Quick Tip: Use PGM to Create Prototype Gift Annuity Agreements for Requiring States

Did you know that you can use Planned Giving Manager (PGM) to produce prototype gift annuity agreements when you need to file agreements with New York, California, or any of the other seven states that require them? In fact, if you plan to use PGM to produce gift annuity agreements for donors in any of these states, be sure to file the prototypes produced by PGM. Doing so will assure that the agreements you supply to donors in a particular state match the agreements you have on file with that state.

Creating a specific prototype agreement in PGM is simple:

  1. Open Presentation Selection and select Gift Annuity Agreement.
  2. Open Lives and/or Fixed Term and enter the appropriate number of ages, one or two.
  3. Open Gift Options and choose the type of gift annuity.
  4. Open Narrative Follow-Up Questions and select “Prototype for state registration or donor proposal” as the “Type of gift annuity agreement.” Then, answer all the questions that follow. Be sure you select the state where you’re filing as the “Donor’s state of legal residence.”
  5. Repeat steps (1) – (4) for each prototype agreement you want to produce.

For guidance on which states require charities to file prototype gift annuity agreements and which agreement variations to file, see this PGM Help topic: Contents > Reference Information > Gift Annuity Agreements > Producing prototype agreements.

If you would like PG Calc to help your organization register to issue gift annuities in any of the regulating states, including filing agreements, please contact Julie Goldenberg Hay at or call her at 206-329-8144.

Annual Compliance Reporting: Let PG Calc Do the Heavy Lifting for You This Summer!

June 30 marks the end of the fiscal year for many non-profit organizations. For those professionals employed in finance offices, this means a plethora of calculations and reports are due over a 4-to-8-week period. PG Calc can help organizations by preparing reserve reports for charitable gift annuities to satisfy state requirements, and FASB liability reports for all life income gift types. These reports provide careful and reasonable estimates of the total future payment obligations by employing the appropriate mortality tables, valuation rates, and advanced mathematical modeling. We have the expertise and the systems to transform a program’s raw data into finished results. Our calculations and reports have passed muster with some of the most precise and demanding auditors and state officials in the country. Our turnaround is fast and our prices are reasonable.

For more information about our Compliance Reporting services, please visit the Compliance Reporting page on our website. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Lee at 888-474-2252 or


Come to Group Training this Summer!

We will be offering our Planned Giving Manager (PGM) group training sessions in Seattle and Boston this summer. We’ll also be offering our GiftWrap training in Cambridge, MA. These sessions provide a solid foundation for individuals who are new to planned giving (PGM) or gift administration (GiftWrap). These classes also reinforce the skills and knowledge or experienced gift planners and administrators. We hope you’ll join us.

July 17-18
Planned Giving Manager Introductory & Advanced
Seattle, WA

August 8-9
Planned Giving Manager Introductory & Advanced
Boston, MA

August 16-17
GiftWrap Fundamentals & Reporting/Analysis
Cambridge, MA


PG Calc's Zombie Contest Is Eating Brains!

We have received submissions from a number of friends and customers, proving that zombies are where you find them!

The contest continues through Labor Day, giving everyone ample opportunity to document the latest zombie sightings.  To get your zombie, visit us at an upcoming conference, or attend a PG Calc training session.  

Submit your zombie photo by sending it to  All submissions will be featured prominently on our website.  Entries will be judged on creativity, and the winning entry will receive a free year of Planned Giving Manager (PGM) service for your organization (a $695 value).  

Be afraid!  Be very afraid!


Berea College Organizes Their Legacy Program with PG Calc's Bequest Manager

Scotty Abney, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Finance at Berea College in Berea, KY, is responsible for the administration of all estates and bequests at the College.  The planned giving program at Berea College is over 100 years old, and approximately 4,000 donors have left estate gifts to the College over the years.

While Scotty had been using another vendor's gift management software for a number of years, the vendor eventually stopped updating their software, and it had become incompatible with current hardware.  Faced with the need to find another solution, Scotty turned to PG Calc.  

Already a PG Calc GiftWrap and PGM customer, Scotty felt confident that PG Calc could solve her bequest management problem, and in fact, found that solution in PG Calc's Bequest Manager.  In evaluating potential solutions, Scotty was particularly interested in online storage and organization of estate documents.  In addition, Scotty was looking for workflow capability that would increase the likelihood of successfully receiving estate distributions.  Bequest Manager was found to meet these, as well as many other requirements.  With Bequest Manager, Scotty saves time, and doesn't have to worry about things slipping through the cracks.  This is what Scotty has to say about Bequest Manager

"I love Bequest Manager! It is wonderful having all the information I need on bequests in one place, being able to see attorney contact information, gifts expected or already received and bequest pipeline reports. I also love the storage feature that allows you to put a Will or Trust document into an individual record. I am so much better organized now. The staff at PG Calc are helpful and easy to get in touch with should you have a question."



Learn more about Berea College.

Learn more about Bequest Manager.