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eRate Newsletter October 19, 2016  

  IRS Discount Rate: November 1.6%

The valuation rate for gifts to new pooled income funds 
is 1.2% in 2016 .


Are You Ready for the End?
The end of the year, that is.  A study conducted by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University found that 42.7 percent of surveyed high-net worth donors gave more during the holidays than during the rest of the year.  Are you focused on year-end giving? 

The end of the calendar year is also a good time for planned giving departments to focus on a variety of activities.  In this article, I will discuss year-end activities like tax preparation for life income gifts, determining the adequacy of gift annuity reserves, marketing planning, and year-end reminders for donors.  Be ready for 2017!



Quick Tip: Did You Know PGM Anywhere Can Produce Custom Documents?
Planned Giving Manager (PGM) and PGM Anywhere (PGMA) can produce ten different Narratives that incorporate calculated values and entered values into formatted text. Did you know that PGM and PGMA can also produce documents created just for your organization? PG Calc can modify any of the Narratives these applications produce, such as the Gift Annuity Agreement or Proposal Letter, so that they include the exact text you want every time. You won’t need to export them to Word and edit them each time, anymore. We’ve done this sort of customization for hundreds of clients.

We also can create completely new Narratives from scratch, for example so that you can produce gift annuity agreements using your organization’s own agreement language or specific internal documents whenever a planned gift is completed. Once your custom Narrative is in place, it will save you time and reduce mistakes every time you produce it.

Any custom narrative we create for you will work equally well in PGM and PGMA. Contact Bill Laskin at or 888-474-2252 for more information.


Join PG Calc's Client Services Team
PG Calc is looking for an individual with experience in planned giving to fill a full-time position in Client Services in our Cambridge, MA office. Principal responsibilities include providing client support on planned giving concepts and the use of PG Calc software, conducting training classes, writing communications and articles, and participating in special projects. Competitive candidates must have excellent communication skills and a strong interest in planned giving.

Call me at 888-4-PGCALC (888-474-2252).  Alternatively, e-mail or mail a cover letter and résumé in confidence with salary requirements to:

Tina Yelle
Vice President/Director Client Services

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Marketing Corner: Another Touch Point
This summer, PG Calc wrote a blog post entitled "Transforming Life Income Gifts into Current Gifts."  The post was informative and thoughtful, but there was a golden nugget in that post that should be emphasized.  Sometimes, stewardship can be the most effective strategy for securing an additional gift.

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Webinars Scheduled for 2017
We are very excited about the webinars we have planned for 2017. Within the next few weeks we will be posting a description of each webinar to our website and start accepting registrations. If this eRate arrived in your inbox, you will receive an email when we’re ready. In the meantime, here’s what you have to look forward to!

Presenter Title
Russell James Counting Revocable Gifts
Jeff Lydenberg Building Endowment with Planned Gifts
Mike Valoris Gifts of Real Estate
Alan Cantor Attracting Gifts from Donor Advised Funds
Jeffrey Frye Taxation Basics/Intermediate for Gift Planners
Andrew Palmer Planned Giving Marketing for Starting or Restarting a Program
Jade Bristol Verity Bequest Administration to Boost Planned Gifts
Edie Matulka Planned Giving 101
Lisa Mayfield Understanding/Working with the Elderly
Jeff Lydenberg Gifts of Retirement Assets
Craig Wruck Gifts of Life Insurance
Gary Pforzheimer Gift Acceptance Policies

PGM Anywhere Release Includes Several Important Enhancements
On October 8, PG Calc released an important update of PGM Anywhere, our browser-based planned gift illustration software for tablet, laptop, and desktop computers.  PGM Anywhere can now produce Actuarial Calculations and Non-Charitable Interest Actuarials charts for all standard planned gifts. These step-by-step charts include formulae and legal citations, where appropriate, to help donors substantiate their charitable deductions and other tax calculations. The update also includes enhanced password reset security. All Planned Giving Manager clients can sign up for PGM Anywhere for no additional charge!

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With Its Latest Release, GiftWrap Continues To Be the Industry Standard
projRemainder.jpgThe latest update of GiftWrap, which is version 4.2.9, will be released in early November, and will contain a number of enhancements and bug fixes. Among the enhancements is support for the 2012 IAR mortality table for use with GiftWrap’s Projected Remainder Amounts report. This table is an improvement over prior mortality tables in that it is derived from the most recent data, and it is generational, such that projected mortality improvements are incorporated into the table every year. Other enhancements include user-intiated password reset, as well as a variety of security enhancements.

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The University of California Uses GiftWrap To Ensure the Health of their Planned Giving Program
Suzanne Cross has the enormous task of administering the University of California Regents planned giving program. On a daily basis, Suzanne reviews and processes new gifts, approves all tax filings, monitors projected remainder values, coordinates and submits gift annuity required state filings, and prepares planned giving liability data for the University’s Annual Financial Report.  In addition, Suzanne acts as liaison on donor relation issues with all ten UC campuses.  

On occasion, Suzanne needs  confirmation or assistance and she is always able to get that assistance from PG Calc. Suzanne is never hesitant to dial PG Calc’s number, as she knows she will get the answer she seeks.

Last week, I wondered if there was any way to simplify my campus gift separation of Projected Remainder Amounts from the aggregate report.  Slightly concerned that I was overstepping my question allotment, I proceeded to phone PG Calc and Tina Yelle showed me how to apply custom filters within the GiftWrap Projected Remainder Amounts report to generate exactly what I needed.

Tina saved me hours of massaging data reports, and I replied: I cannot tell you how excited I am that this worked like a charm!!”


Learn more about GiftWrap>>

Learn More about the University of California>>


Pros and Cons of Email Marketing of Planned Gifts


Presented by
Andrew Palmer

Thursday, October 27
1 PM - 2:30 PM ET


Bequests and Simple Bequest Alternatives


Presented by
Mike Valoris

Thursday, November 17
1 PM - 2:30 PM ET




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